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Family Law & Domestic Relations

Kevin R. Pettrey, Esq., has more than a decade of experience in family law and domestic relations, including Divorce, child custody, child visitation, grandparents rights, child support, spousal support, military divorce, child relocation, and equitable property distribution in the Circuit Courts and the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts in Virginia.

Family law in Virginia is highly detail oriented and complicated, and it is very important to have a lawyer with years of experience who has handled these matters extensively.  The issues presented are often intertwined, with child support being contingent upon the child custody/visitation order and any spousal support awarded.  Business owners and military members face very unique issues in their divorces.  Business owners often find it difficult to determine the value of their property or what their true income is for purposes of equitable distribution or support calculations.  Military members have unique issues with regard to their retirement benefits and relocation due to military orders.  These are all issues that require a skilled Virginia family law attorney to properly represent an individual.

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